Free- Ultimate Event Sponsorship Guide!- 2019

Free- Ultimate Event Sponsorship Guide!- 2019

Welcome to YouPaired’s event sponsorship Handbook! This guide will talk you through everything from creating your event profile to winning sponsorship proposals.

A substantial aspect of the YouPaired mission is to keep users updated on upcoming events and current trends in event sponsorship.

We want event organizers to adopt best practices and help local events connect with sponsors for all kinds of events - festivals, concerts, podcasts, live stream, business conferences, trade shows, global seminars, networking meetings, and workshops.

How To Write An Ideal Event Sponsorship Proposal

Your event profile can be any gathering of people, virtual or physical that creates value for potential sponsorship partners. Successful events create a community of people and provide value to that community.

Event Sponsorship Proposal- YouPaired

Securing sponsorship partners require a clear understanding of that community. How they will interact with your event, and the business opportunities that they will create.

For success, every event should have the following:
  1. Create a new event with a beautiful event image, title and a clear one line pitch explaining the story behind the event.
  2. An event pitch containing videos, images, and details that explain the story behind your event.
  3. Business outcomes you plan to offer to potential sponsorship partners.

Let’s take a closer look at this one by one in detail so you can understand how to communicate with brand partners.

Tell Your Event Story

Reaching a prospective sponsor, particularly for first-timers, is an extremely nervous experience. Brands are fully aware of this.  However, there's no excuse of missing key points in your Pitch. Why are some storytellers more successful than others?

Tell Your Event Story

Imagine bumping into a close friend or a member of your family. How are you going to inform them about this event?  What is your event's goal?  What time and where is this event?  Why are groups of people planning to show up? What do all those attendees have in common?

Keep it short, and to the point while choosing a catchy event title. Your goal is to get the sponsor's attention. One-line Pitch helps sponsors understand what you have to say and get engaged in your event. You want them to get hooked and spend time reading the rest of your event pitch.

A lot of event’s information can be conveyed in words, but pictures and videos can often communicate a lot more information faster, and in a way, that’s easy to understand.

Tell the audience about your event's story. In many ways, you can express and keep your audience engaged. Convey your goals and your event mission. Tell them what makes you unique. Why should they sponsor your event?

Photo quotes
  • Select a good photo that displays your event style.

  • Make a video that is compelling. Get creative. A little bit of humor and originality goes a long way.

  • Consider adding captions so that your SEO ranking goes up on YouPaired. This helps increase visibility to the audience that you are not even aware of!

  • Most people are shy about facing the camera. It's normal. If you're going to be part of this event, you must build confidence to face the camera

How important is your event date?  

One of the most influential factors that will affect your sponsorship goal is the selection of your event date. Based on your event category and location, decide your event date.

why event date is important

While selecting location throughout the world, seasonality has some influence. However,  it matters more if the event is on holiday, weekdays, weekends, indoor or outdoor activities,  and multi-day demands.

How To Communicate Business Outcomes Through Sponsorship Pitch?

Your potential sponsorship partners are businesses with limited marketing budgets. If you can communicate why partnering with your event will drive a return on investment, you will have a shot to earn some of their marketing budgets.

Grow a list of all the brands, organizations, and people who have sponsored your events in the past, and target your sponsorship packages based on their ever-changing needs. If you are an event organizer looking for first-time sponsorship opportunities. We are here to help you understand!

Remember, you are not the only one competing with other similar events to win brand sponsorship dollars. You are also competing against all other forms of marketing channels - digital advertising, influencer marketing, companies hosting their own events.

When a brand’s objectives overlap with an attendee’s interests, there’s an opportunity for a sponsorship partnership.

Communicate Business Outcomes Through Sponsorship Pitch

What Should You Offer Brands On YouPaired?

When a brand sponsors your event, they will obviously expect to receive something in return for their funding. Sponsorship should yield a return on investment, and brands are going to assess the importance of the spending.

Think about what interests them. Figure out what your event does best and make this the core element of your offering. Only you understand your audience and what is best for your event.

Depending on your event, consuder giving sponsor ROI by offering booths or stalls spaces to give away their free samples to attendees, or collect and share your attendee’s email information.

You can offer them an opportunity to speak in front of the audience to promote their brand. Provide links from your event and social media pages to drive internet traffic to the sponsor's website.

Why Should I Offer Items and Not Packages?

Your bundle of offering is very unlikely to align with the business outcomes of brands. By offering a la carte items, you are more likely to win sponsorship. Considering each brand is distinct, present your sponsorship menu card as a starting point in your discussion.

Learn how they desire to help you through the event. If they answer no to your high monetary ask, then you should be ready with a smaller pricing option or a product.

How Should I Price My Sponsorship Packages?

The short answer is to price the item at the perceived value to the sponsors. For example, if you are offering a table to brands to give away free samples of their product to an event with 1,000 attendees.

The perceived value for the brand is how much they would typically pay to get 1,000 or fewer individuals to try their product, minus the cost of the product. It is critical to understand how much a sponsor would spend on marketing expenses on average for each new client. Now, If you offer 1,000 leads and 50 of them transform into sales, the sponsor has a conversion rate of 5%.

This coversion rate is very dependent on how efficient the marketing strategy and sales procedures of the sponsor are.

How Many Sponsors Confirmed Until Now?

List all the brand currently engaged in your event, provides validation to your event organizers.

Pitching your success stories is an incredibly valuable framework for events looking to take their sponsorship to the next level.

Describe In Detail About The Event Venue?

The details are essential in assisting sponsors to narrow down their search. One of the most commonly asked questions is where is the event happening.

They are also interested in knowing: What style of the venue have you secured? How many people will be attending? How is the event layout?

Explain In Detail The Level Of Media Coverage

Media coverage gives the sponsor an impression of what makes your event extraordinary. Share your stories with the audience who cares.

Even audience who do not attend will learn more about sponsors products or services and how they contribute to the ROI.

It is recommended to promote your event through different media coverage.


YouPaired provides an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide that will be pivotal in winning dollar value sponsorship. The deciding factor in finding event sponsor is: be creative, be genuine, follow the guidelines, and create a unique sponsorship proposal for your event.

Event Sponsorship Proposal- YouPaired

Make sure you customize the sponsorship packages before providing a proposal to the distinctive sponsors.

Keep in mind your sponsors are only interested in the deliverables, that aligns to their marketing goals. Achieving or improving quantifiable ROI for maximizing sales and marketing funnel are their top priorities:
  • A responsive and committed audience
  • Qualified lead generation
  • Higher conversion rate
  • Faster and more efficient conversions
  • Haloing and intangible advantages
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